For all your custom metal & steel work needs!


CUSTOM METAL WORKS - Tell us what you need and we can build it for you - one of the great things about ERS is that we are here to help you!  No matter what your metal works needs are, we can help you.  No job is too small - like the metal case for a pool light that just walked out the door.  The customer couldn't get the replacement part from the  manufacturer, but the ERS Team built him a new

one, while he waited.  And no job is too big - like

custom built bakkie racks that are about to go

out the door.  If you have a special metal need,

come see us at ERS.  We will design it for you,

fabricate and install!!  No fuss!

WELDING - We Come to you!   - If you need it welded, the ERS Team can weld it. STEEL WELDING, ALUMINIUM WELDING , STAINLESS STEEL WELDING.  And, with the new ERS MOBILE WELDING UNITS, we come to you!  If you have something at home that needs welding, call us up.  We come to you with the solutions!

ROOFING - steel sheet roofing, installed for you.  No worries, no fuss.  The best prices in the Overberg!   

TRAILER FABRICATION - the trailer you need, custom built and certified.  Simple as that, no stress, no fuss.  No matter what size your boat is, ERS has the experience to custom build the best trailer for you and your boat.  Or, if you need a general use trailer, tell us what you need and we will build it for you.

MARINE STRUCTURE FABRICATION - the environment is harsh out there by the sea.  ERS has the experience to build your structure in the marine environment that will last.     

STRUCTURE FABRICATION - no job is too big and no job is too small.  We work with you and / or your architect to build you the structure that you want!  

  • Security Bars - Installed 
  • Welding - We Come to you!
  • Custom Metal Works
  • Design and Consultation Services
  • Structure Fabrication
  • Marine Structure Fabrication
  • Trailer Fabrication
  • Roofing
  • Gates - Custom Built & installed



Gansbaai's Largest Steel Works

STECURITY BARS - Installed  - nothing is more important than the security of your family.  We here at ERS know that.  We take pride in every security bar that we install, knowing that it will add to the security and well being of your family. 

GATES - CUSTOM BUILT  & INSTALLED - the custom designed gate you always wanted, the entrance to your home designed and fabricated just for you.  ERS has the experience to custom build the best gate for your home.  Let ERS help you to make that perfect custom addition to your property.

Come in to see us or give us a call.  We can work with you to custom design your metal needs.  We then fabricate and install everything!

All your metal working needs met with no stress!